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Program of young referee preparation

Program of young referee preparation

Program of young referee preparation

Nowadays there are a lot of young referees in practice of sport officiating who come to officiating without basic knowledge of the game and sport. The system of referee’s preparation in basketball, especially young referees, is developed not so dynamically, systematically as basketball itself. Today’s education and selection of young referees in basketball occurs during tournaments, referee’s clinics and camps where the different levels of the preparedness of beginning referees from different regions are obvious. From this we can make conclusion about developing united program of referees’ preparation which would include education of both parts: beginning and experienced referees from all regional federations. The program would contribute to involving experienced referees into professional realization as teachers of young referees. Introduction of the united program of referees’ preparation contains also social task and increases interest to referees’ activities and job. Even if not every one of them will become top referee, nevertheless it will increase overall interest to the basketball in the whole country.

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